Our Mission

Quick Law Group’s mission is to provide trusted and superior legal and business counsel to our clientele. We treat your enterprise as gently as if it were our own, providing efficient and practical legal and business solutions that allow you keep your focus on your company’s growth and development where it belongs.

Your Business LifeCycle from a Legal Perspective


Nothing in life is as exciting or nerve wracking as those first early days, when your company is something more than an idea but not quite yet a business. It's not unusual for new business owners to be unsure of the next steps to establish their organization as its own legal entity-or to make costly and unnecessary mistakes while they're trying to figure it out.

At Quick Law Group, we've spent years helping future business owners determine the best structure for their business, register their business name, obtain the necessary licenses and permits, protect their...


Welcome! I’m Jeff Quick, founder of the Quick Law Group.

My career began with an accounting degree from the University of Colorado in 1993, followed by graduating cum laude from Harvard Law in 1997. After graduation I worked for four years as an attorney with the firms of Davis Graham & Stubbs and Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, then another year as an in house attorney for Tapestry Pharmaceuticals, Inc. out of Colorado.

I first opened the doors to The Quick Law Group in 2003 because after years of working in high profile firms, I wanted to do something different. I wanted my clients to be more than just a number on a spreadsheet, bounced around from attorney to attorney. I believed and still do that all companies deserve the resources and expertise of a large firm with the personal attention you can only get when you work with a small firm.


Jeff Quick


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